Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Leftist Bulletin

Last month, in front of a coffeehouse on High Street near campus I found a free newspaper called Turbulence: Ideas for Movement. It has a lot of interesting articles about ecological and social reforms, with Marxist undertones. Here's the manifesto on the masthead:

"So who is this aimed at?: The short answer is: anyone wanting to think about how to change the world. That is, potentially everybody. But doing so isn't straightforward. This isn't a collection of lowest common denominator writings aimed at some abstract 'public' whose common sense we can second-guess. Even if we could, we'd rather undermine it..."

I don't necessarily agree with Marxist (or I would say crypto-Marxist in this case) thought, or uncritically subscribe to any Utopian dream of a perfect ecologically balanced society. However, I think there's a lot of room in today' society for new ways of living. We need more bulletins like Turbulence if a true mass movement to live more ecologically sound and socially equitable lifestyles is to emerge in today's society.

Unfortunately, I have not seen this particular free paper on the newstands since. The local organization that was distributing it is called the Sporeprint infoshop. I think they have a headquarters/ community shop on East 5th Avenue between Summit and Fourth Streets.

Publications like these give me hope that our society will be able to break out of the deadlock of counterrevolutionary rightist and mainstream leftist thought.

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