Thursday, January 13, 2011

My first Twitter post

I made my first Twitter post (or "Tweet", I guess) this afternoon, and I felt that I needed to look up the word "Tool" to make sure it didn't allude to something obscene. Off to the Urban Dictionary, where my assumption on the word's usage was confirmed. Here's the link to the entry:

It's nice to live in a world with such ready access to references and information resources. Urban Dictionary is user-generated, which is kind of like having a real-time poll of what each term means on the streets. I wonder if the reverse is true as well: maybe Urban Dictionary "creates" or propagates slang terms that would otherwise remain obscure or regional.

If you're wondering what the post was, it was something to the effect that I felt like a poser for joining the Twitter bandwagon so late in the game. Why did I register? I'm afraid of spamming my friends with constant Facebook status updates, and so am outsourcing the minutia of my daily observations to Twitter. Of course, I linked the Twitter profile to my Facebook profile, so it might add up to the same thing in the end.

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