Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fort Meigs Living History Event: First Siege

This Memorial Day weekend, Fort Meigs State Historic Site in Perrysburg Ohio (near Toledo) is hosting a reenactment of the first siege of the fort in 1813. If you're in the tri-state area and don't have any plans for the long weekend, check it out. Starting on Saturday, reenactors representing the American and British armies (as well as Native American forces fighting for both sides) occupy camps in opposite ends of the fort. A large scale battle is held on Saturday on Sunday; in between battles each camp holds demonstrations and a morning and evening parade. On Memorial Day, a smaller group of American reenactors will hold a ceremony at the 1908 obelisk to honor the soldiers who fought and died here.

Check it out:

Official event page at page for Fort Meigs

A youtube video from last years' event

Series of blog posts on the first siege

Cushing's Company, 2nd US Artillery, the host unit at Fort Meigs.

Native American reenactors at the Pennsylvania monument near the south gate of the Fort.