Sunday, May 8, 2011


I'm hoping to post a follow up to my previous posts about the 1st Siege of Fort Meigs in 1813. It's rough going: in addition to the more famous Dudley's Massacre, which occurred on the north bank of the Maumee River on 5 May 1813, some hard fighting took place on the south bank, as the other part of General Green Clay's Kentuckians made their way into the fort, aided by a charge of the dragoons under Major Ball. Harrison took advantage of the crisis on the north bank by sending his regular and volunteer infantry to take the smaller enfilading battery that had been erected on the south bank. 
This last action, known as Miller's charge after the Colonel who led it, succeeded where Dudley had failed... at a heavy cost in killed and wounded.
In the meantime, I've been watching Simon Schama's History of Britain. Originally a BBC series, the dvd set is distributed in the U.S. by the History Channel (which as history geeks know has long been incapable of producing good historical programming). Here's the episode on Edward I Longshanks and the national rebellions of the Welsh and Scots: