Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Up Ship!: Landing Site Memorial

I saw this on Up Ship!, the blog of Airship Ventures, which operates a Zeppelin NT in the United States.

They flew over the old airship port at Lakehurst, NJ last week. This is the spot where the famous Zeppelin Hindenburg  crashed. Somewhat lesser known are the dirigibles that the US Navy ran from Lakehurst:
The USS Macon and its sister ship Akron were only 20 feet shorter than the Hindenburg, and used helium instead of hydrogen. These warships of the sky carried over 80 officers and men each. Both were lost in separate incidents at sea during the 1930s. The Akron went down with 73 out of its 76 crew in 1933 off the coast of New Jersey. Nevertheless, it's nice that dirigible airships are once again cruising the skies (technically, the NT is classified as a semi-rigid airship, unlike its predecessors.)