Friday, January 13, 2012

Done With Chapter Four (cross-posted)

(Cross-posted from Thunder in the Wilderness, my book blog.)

I've finished the rough draft of Chapter Four. This chapter continues the account of the Northwest Army as it struggled to recover from the loss of Brigadier General Winchester's column at Frenchtown. In February, Harrison began to fortify his camp on the Maumee Rapids. As he did so, he sent nearly 250 men on a secret mission: to cross the ice of Lake Erie on foot and surprise the icebound British fleet at Amherstburg. They were instructed to burn the largest British ship, the HMS Queen Charlotte, and make their escape as best as possible.

Chapter four examines the fate of this mission, as well as the construction of Fort Meigs. It soon became apparent that the fort was surrounded by war parties belonging to Tecumseh's Indian Confederation, and several hard-fought skirmishes occurred in March and April. One such incident involved a shoot-out between Americans in a row boat and Indians in several canoes.

I will post an excerpt as soon as I have finished some revisions.