Friday, July 13, 2012

The Siege of Fort Meigs

I’ve spent much of the past months working on the rough draft of my book, tentatively called Thunder in the Wilderness: American Artillery and the War for the Frontier, 1812-1815. The book is half campaign history, half narrative. It follows a company of the 2nd United States Regiment of Artillery through the campaigns of the American Northwest Army in Ohio, Indiana and Michigan during the War of 1812. My intent is to combine the wider context of these campaigns with the experiences of a small group of Ohio citizen-soldiers.
The latest chapter that I’ve finished is also the longest and most complete. It is a narrative of the First Siege of Fort Meigs, which occurred in April and May 1813. The siege was one of few times during the war that a full-scale British incursion took place in the state of Ohio. I’ve decided to post it online as a pdf (you can download it here). Please read and enjoy: