Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Siege of Fort Meigs: April 23, 1813

From the journal of Captain Eleazar Darby Wood, US Corps of Engineers:
...It was now all but certain that the place would soon be invested, for we recieved information that the enemy were assembling in great force at Sandwich [modern day Windsor, ON], and that a large number of Indians had just arrived at Detroit from St. Joseph and the neighborhood of Mackinaw.

Small parties of scattering Indians were constantly round the camp, whose object it seemed to be presumably to take prisoners, as we supposed, for the purpose of obtaining information relative to our strength and situation, and which, as we afterwards learned, was actually the case.

Our block-houses, batteries, magazines and connecting lines of defense were now generally completed; and the appearance of the camp, in every direction, was such as to inspire confidence in the minds of those whose duty it had become either to defend, or with it throw themselves into the hands of an English savage...

 --from Wood, Eleazer Derby. Journal of the Northwestern Campaign of 1812-13: Under Major-General William H. Harrison. Defiance, O.: Defiance College Press, 1975 pg. 16. 

A letter from Captain Daniel L. Cushing, 2nd US Regiment of Artillery to 1st Lt. Joseph H Larwill, 2nd Artillery:
Fort Megs Apl 23th 1813
Dear Lieutenant
I Recivd your Letter this day by mule, dated 7th Instance at Wooster, I was very glad to hear from you, but was sorry to hear of your indisposition, I received a  Letter yesterday from Leut Meek dated the 3 of this month he wrights me that he is not will yet, but States that Dr Elison is puting Meddison in Side and blisters out Side, which he hopes will Cure him Shortly...
We have at this time about 1600 effective men, prehap more a good maney more would turn out in Case of an alarum--we feel ourselves perfectly Secure from the Enemy, we have built two Strong batterys in addission to the two that was built before you Left hear...
 The "Lower Blockhouse" today.
...the Lower block house on the pint we have Converted into a battery by taking off the Ruff, Lowring the upper flower about 3 feet, building up a brestwork of dirt on the out Side, and planting an 18# in it which commands the high nob ajasent to it...
...I have nothing more to wright, give my Respects to your brother and all friends you See, with profound Respect I Remaine yours etc
Danl Cushing
from  Cushing, Daniel Lewis, Harlow Lindley, and Daniel Lewis Cushing. Fort Meigs and the War of 1812, Orderly Book of Cushing's Company, 2nd U.S. Artillery, April 1813-February 1814: And Personal Diary of Captain Daniel Cushing, October 1812-July 1813. Columbus: Ohio Historical Society, 1975. pg. 141-42.