Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Check out my museum blog

The Chicago Fire roars perpetually within the Diorama Hall of the Chicago History Museum.
A few months ago, I created another blog on Tumblr (besides Horse and Musket!, my collection of images from the era of warfare between 1650 and 1850, and Visual Miscellany, my personal Tumblr blog). It's called Museum Worlds, and it covers displays of artifacts, installations and exhibits in museums and themed areas like amusement parks that I find compelling.

I like the idea of bringing history and lost worlds to life through 3-d techniques. However, the idea is inherently problematic, since any attempt to recreate that which is in the past involves some level of artifice. Not only fixed displays inside galleries, but living history and artifact collections fall into this category as well. The idea behind this blog is to capture the more successful attempts at invoking other worlds.
Below: a collection of curios, on display at the Fair at New Boston, 2013.