Thursday, February 6, 2014

Prisoners and Paroles

As a follow up to the last post, which were the orders given by Joseph Larwill for his patrol in occupied Upper Canada in December 1813, here are the men under his command that were captured in the skirmish at McRea's Tavern on December 15. The original document, given to Larwill as a receipt of sorts, ended up in the Ohio Historical Society collections. It can be seen now in the Fort Meigs visitor center:

Roll of a Detachment of United States troops which was made prisoners

Dec. 15 1813 at McRea's Esq on river Thames

Names Rank To what Regt they belong
J H Larwill 1st Lt 2nd artillery
A Fisk 2nd Lt 27. Infty
P. Davis Ensign 28 Regt Infty
John Spencer Corpl acting commissary 28th Inf
John McGiffin private 2nd Reg Arty
Michail B Martin do do
John Laughlin do do
Thomas Statten do do
Walter Price do do
John Figg do do
Louis Louis do do
Samuel Sheller do do
Jonathan Slaughter do do
Joseph Lewis do do
Benjamin Miller do 27 Infty
Benjamin Richards do do
James Goodwin do do
Thomas Chadwick do do
Charles Smith do do
Davisan Finton do do
Jesse Carnehan do do
Moses Fowler do do
Joseph Brown do do
John Mashall do 28 Infantry
William Piles do do
George Clark do do
Thomas Nichols do do
Joseph Simmands do 2nd Artillery Wounded and paroled 15 Dec 1813
Isaac Manley do 28 Reg Infty do
Joseph Amkler do 27 do do
George Collins do do do
Isaac Duvall do do Same aft at Coln Fatlists on Lake Erie
John Lane private 27th Inf servant to Lt. Fisk
William Bonner do 2nd Reg Arty servant to Lt. Larwill

Fortunately, at least one of the wounded men survived to be honorably discharged at Detroit and sent home to Lebanon, Ohio.
The Bearer hereof Joseph Simmonds a private in Cap. Cushings Company of the Second Regt US Artillery was enlisted the 15th day of August 1812 for the term of one year and six months. He has served for and during one year five Months and six days and is now entitled to a discharge having produced a certificate from the Hospital Surgeon at this post declaring his inability to perform military duty during the Remainder of his time On account of a wound received at the River Thames U.C. December the 15th 1813. His conduct while in service entitles him to an honorable discharge. He has been paid up to the first day of January 1814 has returned his arms and accoutrements in good order and has received the Quantity of Clothing allowed by law. He is entitled to pay from the first day of January 1814 to the date of his discharge, and to pay and Rations from this place Fort Shelby M.T. [Michigan Territory] to Lebanon Ohio, his place of Residence at the rate of twenty miles a day.

To Prevent impositions here follows a description of the said Joseph Simmonds He is aged twenty years is six feet high has dark hair blue eyes; fair complexion and is by occupation a farmer.

Jas C. Pickett
Lt. 2d Regt Artillery
Comdg the Company