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US Army and Militia Officers at Newport, Kentucky 1804-1820

Officers commanding at Newport Barracks, Kentucky, during the War of 1812 era. Some persons of interest to the Northwest Frontier as well as the early US Army passed through that depot. (from

Martin, Thomas Major Military Storekeeper 1804
Albright, Jacob W Ensign 1st Infantry 1806
Sellman, John Surgeons Mate, Civilian 1806
Bissel, Russel Captain 1st Infantry 1807
Stoddard, Amos Captain 1st Regiment Artillery 1807
Bryson, James W Ensign 1st Regiment Infantry 1808
Cutler, Jervis Captain 1808
Peter, George Captain Light Artillery 1808
Prebel, Essis 2nd Lt. Artillery 1808
Allen, George C Ensign 7th Infantry 1809
Covington, Leonard Lt. Colonel Dragoons 1809
Edwards, Elisha 1st Lt. 7th Regiment 1809
Floyd, George Roger Clark Captain 7th Infantry 1809
Hord, Edward Captain 7th Infantry 1809
James, Elzey 2nd Lt. Rifle 1809
Jones, Elzey Regiment Rifleman 1809
Langham, Angus Lewis Ensign Rifles 1809
Oldham, Richard 1st Lt. 7th Infantry 1809
Ramsey, Thomas 2nd Lt. Rifle Regiment 1809
Rich, Lucius Loomis 2nd Lt. 5th Infantry 1809
Smith, Alexander 2nd Lt. 7th Infantry 1809
Walker, Alex S Captain Rifles 1809
Cross, Joseph Captain Regiment Artillery 1810
Graham, Henry Richard Captain 1st Rifle Regiment 1810
Oldham, Henry Captain Rifle Regiment 1810
Owens, Simon Captain 1st Infantry 1810
Wentworth, Paul Captain 4th Infantry 1810
Boyd, John P Colonel 4th Infantry 1811
Fuller, Charles 1st Lt. 4th Infantry 1811
McConchie, Sam 1st Lt. 14th Infantry 1811
Adams, Nathaniel Captain 4th Infantry 1812
Allen, John Colonel Kentucky Infantry 1812
Garrard, ____ Captain Volunteer Dragoons 1812
Howell, Lewis 1st Lt. 19th Infantry 1812
Hughes, Dan Captain 1st Infantry 1812
Kercheval, Samuel 2nd Lt. 7th Infantry 1812
Lewis, William L Colonel Kentucky Infantry 1812
Meeks, John Ensign 7th Infantry 1812
Miller, James Lt. Colonel 4th Infantry 1812
Moore, Fred 2nd Lt. 19th Infantry 1812
Moore, Hugh Captain 19th Infantry 1812
Russel, William Colonel 7th Infantry 1812
Scott, John M Colonel Kentucky Infantry 1812
Berry, Hubbard 3rd Lt. 17th Infantry 1813
Butler, W O Ensign 17th Infantry 1813
Collins, Joel Captain 26th Infantry 1813
Eastman, John Landon Captain 4th Infantry 1813
Harrison, Batteal 1st Lt. 19th Infantry 1813
Hawkins, Thomas 2nd Lt. 17th Infantry 1813
Holt, David Captain 17th Infantry 1813
McIntire, Aaron Ensign 23rd Infantry 1813
McIntire, John 2nd Lt. 1st Rifles 1813
McMillen, William Lt. Colonel 17th Infantry 1813
Price, Clarkson 2nd Lt. 26th Infantry 1813
Shelby, Isaac Governor Kentucky General Militia 1813
Allen, William O Captain 24th Infantry 1814
Bayler, William M 2nd Lt. 17th Infantry 1814
Porter, Andrew Colonel 16th Kentucky Regiment 1814
Saunders, James Captain 17th Infantry 1814
Smith, John MS 3rd Lt. Ordnance 1814
Arnold, William 1st Lt. 8th Infantry 1815
Baker, Isaac L Major 1st Infantry 1815
Bissell, Lewis Captain 3rd Infantry 1815
Bradford, William Captain Rifle Regiment 1815
Francisco, John Lt. Colonel 17th Kentucky Mil. 1815
Hackley, James 1st Lt. 3rd Regiment Infantry 1815
Hawkins, Thomas L 1st Lt. Ordnance 1815
Humphreys, Ruben 2nd Lt. 8th Infantry 1815
Hunt, Thomas F 2nd Lt. Rifle Regiment 1815
Laval, Louis 1st Lt. Rifle Regiment 1815
Markle, William 2nd Lt. Rifle Regiment 1815
Miller, John Lt. Colonel 3rd Infantry 1815
Richardson, Robert D Captain Company Ordnance 1815
Smith, Thomas 2nd Lt. Rifle Regiment 1815
Dozin/Dozer, Evan Acting Surgeon 1816
Broods, Johiel Acting Lt. Ordnance 1817
Austin, Lering Captain 8th Infantry 1818
Brooks, Johiel Lt. 1st Infantry 1818
Clark, J B Lt. 3rd Infantry 1818
Clemson, E B Colonel Assist. Company Issues 1818
Graham, William H 2nd Lt. 4th Battery Corps Artil. 1818
Gray, A Captain 1st Infantry 1818
Gresvener, G H Captain 3rd Infantry 1818
Gwynne, David Major Paymaster 1818
Houston, Robert Captain 8th & 12th Infantry 1818
Hyde, Russel 1st Lt. 8th Infantry 1818
Loughton, Gantt Captain Rifle Regiment 1818
Massey, Mathews 2nd Lt. Corps Artillery 1818
McKinney, John Colonel Dept. Company Purchases 1818
Pickett, James C Captain ADQMG 1818
Powell, Garsten 2nd Lt. 1st Infantry 1818
Pratt, James Captain 5th Infantry 1818
Richardson, Philip T Lt. Supt. Artificer 1818
Scott, J B Lt. Artillery 1818
Scott, L Captain Artillery 1818
Snyder, George D 1st Lt. Corps Artillery 1818
Soughten, Gannt Captain Rifle Regiment 1818
Stall, G W 2nd Lt. 3rd Infantry 1818
Stubbs, James R 2nd Lt. Artillery Military Storekeeper 1818
Ward, Charles 2nd Lt. Ordnance 1818
Willis, Lewis B Captain 8th Infantry 1818
Armstrong, William Captain Rifle Regiment 1819
Taylor, James Captain 30th Infantry 1819
Clark, John 2nd Lt. Rifle Regiment 1820
Pickevin, Anthony 2nd Lt. Corps Artillery 1820
Shea, Stephen 2nd Lt. Rifle Regiment 1820

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