Sunday, December 14, 2014

"This day no less than seven of our brave soldiers was buried": In the Garrison at Detroit, 1813.

From the Diary of Captain Stanton Sholes, 2nd Regiment of Artillery: 1813--
Sunday Decr. 12th Commenced with a clear and a cold morning, and so continued through the day, this morning I reced a note from the General (Brig. General Lewis Cass) to this affect-- Capt. Sholes you will give orders to the sentry at the (fort?), to take into custody any soldier bringing into the fort any poles or rails. If they bring anything except wood really cut for them, they must be apprehended & shall be punished. L. Cass. 
This day agreeable to the General's order, the whole of the troops that was of duty & well attended church. At eleven o'clock, at the brick store where we had a very excellent discourse delivered, we then marched off in good orders to their several quarters. --So ends this day--
Monday Decr. 13th Commences with a fine cold morning-- Died this morning of a long and lingering complaint Leut. Col. Robert Morrison of the 27th Regt. Infantry-- In this noble young officer his country has lost, one who was possessed of the most amiable qualities that this country can boast of. He was brave, cool and deliberate, he was kind and humane, his attachment to his country and its cause is seldom exceeded. This evening the General gave orders for Nichols from Westminister, a suspicious person from the British, to be put in confinement which was accordingly done--So ends this day. 
Tuesday December 14th Commences with a fine and pleasant morning, this day Col. Robert Morrison of the 27th Infantry was interred. At two o'clock the corpse was moved on to the place of depot (deposit), with the honors of war, when the President McLensey delivered a very handsome speech to the army on this solemn occasion. This day no less than seven of our brave soldiers was buried. --So ends this day.
(Editor's note: I will come back and link all the named persons to their own pages on my blog, recapitulating what I can find out about them on a searchable webpage.)