Monday, January 26, 2015

Comparing the Jackson fortifications from the Battle of New Orleans

For the 200th anniversary of the Battle of New Orleans, the Louisiana Living History Foundation created a new reconstruction of Andrew Jackson's field works, at approximately one sixth the length of the original. Here are the National Monument reconstructions and a model based on the description of the original for comparison:

 The reenactment reconstruction, looking towards the redoubt. The original redoubt, however, was separated from the main line, which continued behind it.

The rest of the line looking towards the American Left.
 The National Park Service site. This, too is a reconstruction of the original line.
 A battery position, showing an 18-pounder on a truck carriage and a 6-pounder on a field carriage.
The line, looking towards the American Left.

 This is a cross-section of what the original defensive line would have looked like.
 The original line. The NPS site ends after Batteries 7 and 8, so that a road and rail line cut off the swampy end of the battlefield. A large slip for seagoing freighters occupies the site of Jackson's headquarters behind the right of the American line. The river levy and the plantation house have erased any trace of the redoubt and the first few American batteries.