Saturday, June 2, 2012

Fort Meigs First Siege videos

I participated in the First Siege 1813 event last weekend at Fort Meigs ( and a few days later someone posted videos of our Saturday battle on youtube. It's always gratifying to see a reenactment from the public's viewpoint afterwards. I was in the right wing of the American line, furthest from the camera. The guy standing next to me had a GoPro  strapped to his shako by the CBC. I hope their next documentary has some footage of my musket making it through a firefight without a single misfire!

Since this particular battle was Dudley's Massacre, we lost. You can see the aftermath here:


  1. Nice videos and website. What unit were you a member of in the "First Seige"?

    Like yourself, I am from Central Ohio and have been interested in War of 1812 reenancting; just trying to explore what units are out there in this region that participate in such events.

    Thanks -David

  2. Hi, David. I am a member of the Old Northwest Military History Association, which is the volunteer association at Fort Meigs. We mostly represent Cushing's Company, 2nd US Artillery (who served as both infantry and artillery at times) as well as some US Regiment of Rifles, Kerchival's Co, 7th US Infantry, and civilians.
    Other units that regularly attend events include the 1st Michigan Militia Regiment (Monroe, Michigan), 1st "Regiment of Volunteers" (US 12-months volunteers such as Alexander's Battalion made up of the Petersburg Volunteers, Pittsburgh Blues, and Greensburg Rifles--though they don't actually recreate a historical unit), Langham's "voltigeur" Company of the 19th US Infantry, the 17th US Infantry, US Regiment of Rifles, Shawnee Warriors, and Kentucky/ other militia units on the American side. Our counterparts on the British side include the 41st Foot (only British regular regiment to serve at Fort Meigs), either or both flank cos of the 8th Foot, Caldwell's Rangers, Royal Navy detachments. That's off the top of my head and not a complete list. Most of these units have websites as well. Most of them are from our region, and several hail from Northwest Ohio or Southeast Michigan.

    1. Many thanks for the reply, I have a few more questions (If you don't mind):

      -The Old Northwest Military History Association you mentioned above, does that organization provide any equipment for its members to use at reenactments?

      -I have a strong interest in Light Infantry units/tactics of that era (both US & Crown), who are the Green-Clad soldiers on the British side in the above videos working with the redcoat regulars? Do you know where that unit is based?

      -Is there any other War of 1812 events in this region that you would recommend attending? I have never been to any other than Ft. Meigs.

      Thanks Again for you time -David

  3. ONMHA does provide loaner muskets, accoutrements, and clothing to volunteers as they acquire their own. Most groups have a "slops chest" or loaners for new members, but since we have a lot of young/ student volunteers, we rely on the association's equipment more than other groups.
    The green coats I'm not sure about (whenever I see green coats I usually think Caldwell's Western Rangers, but I could be looking at 60th Rifles or some other group), I'll get back to you on that one.
    There are a lot of Crown Forces groups from the Toronto/ Lake Ontario region. The 8th Foot (grenadier and light cos) come from London area and the 41st come from Windsor mostly.
    There is a War of 1812 encampment this weekend in Chillocothe, Ohio's capital at the time-- another later this summer at Greenfield Village near Detroit. The best event to see if you can make the drive is Fort Erie, on the Canadian side across from Buffalo, NY. There will also be a large bicentennial event to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Queenston Heights, also in the Niagara River region.