Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cell Phone Pics

I use my cell phone camera quite a bit. Oftentimes it works simply as a memo pad, to record something I want to remember for later, like the title of an interesting looking book. Since I rarely bring a camera with me when I go places or travel, when I want to record a moment or an object, out comes my low-resolution camera. The pictures are usually pretty blurry, but at least its some kind of record of the subject.
(fig. a)
(fig. b)
(fig. c)
(fig. d)
(fig. e)
(fig. f)
(fig. g)
(fig. h)
(fig. i)
Fig. a: A small songbird found dead next to a cigarette. Smoking kills, kids.
Fig. b: Composition notebook found at the Blackburn House bus stop.
Fig. c: View of University Hall from the upper floors of the Thompson Library, OSU campus.
Fig. d: Geocache found in Westerville.
Fig. e: Graffiti on the GAR Monument at Fort Meigs, Perrysburg Ohio.
Fig. f: Display summarizing the economic geology of Ohio, Mendenhall Labs, OSU campus.
Fig. g: 5.5 inch howitzer, Fort Meigs.
Fig. h: Three officers of French Hussar Regiments, Osprey book.
Fig. i. Pan and lock of 1795 pattern Springfield Arsenal musket, before being cleaned.

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